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Vaughan Bennett (Proprietor) W.C.A H.M.

Born into a farming family, Vaughan has owned horses and ponies from a very early age. Originally trained in the BHS System up to Assistant Instructor level, Vaughan progressed to the Warwickshire College of Agriculture in 1978 where he studied Management of Horses on Farms and Estates, a pioneering course for its day. It was a fully comprehensive qualification covering all elements of management and horse training. In 1979, with his family, Vaughan built and opened Penhalwyn the successful centre we see today.  

Tallulah McIntosh B.A. (Hons) M.A.

Tallulah started riding at Penhalwyn in 1996 and was hooked straight away. Three years later she started training Penhalwyns young horses and over the years she has helped with and trained over 40 horses. She was an assistant instructor first, progressing onto handling every aspect of the job. Tallulah went away to study theatre and performance first at college then degree and MA level at Plymouth University. Her Masters research lead her back to horses and the performative and aesthetic beauty of dressage. Soon after, she discovered Heather Moffett and Enlightened Equitation in Totnes where she has been a part time working student since 2012. Tallulah is now a fully qualified level 3 Enlightened Equitation instructor. Tallulah has also participated in clicker training, trick training and film horse workshops over the years. She is passionate about learning and continually seeks ways of developing her riding and understanding of horses. Tallulah is also an animal artist and trains in Capoeira Angola (a Brazilian martial art) before lockdown now her training of choice is pilates.    

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