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Experienced Hacks: We offer a wide variety of Trekking, in one of the most beautiful locations in Cornwall. Our more experienced one, two or three hour hacks can take you to the moorlands behind Zennor area of West Penwith where there are places of historical interest. On a clear day you might be able to hear the skylarks and the buzzards are often circling or sat on a telegraph pole as we ride by. We might also wind our way up Trink hill or Carnstabba behind Carbis Bay where you feel on top of the world with some truly breathtaking views. 


Beginner or Mixed Ability Hacks: Our less experienced walk and trot single hour rides tend to stick to the back lanes as rough terrain with beginners can be a little frightening and we like to ensure our riders are cared for as much as possible. These rides are perfect for couples where one can ride and one cannot, mixed abilties or children who have done little or no riding before. If there are more experienced riders within these hacks we can usually arrange canters as long as the escorts feel it is safe to do so. 


Booking: When we take your booking, we will need to know your surname, number of riders, weights, riding abilities and ages of children. Please be as accurate as possible when giving this information. We may also ask for a deposit which is refundable if the ride does not go out due to bad weather. Do not over-exaggerate your riding abilities as sitting on a horse that is not right for you is no fun. On some occasions we may need to weigh you and this will be done sensitively, in order to make sure the horses are carrying the correct weight for their size and build.  


We have experienced staff facilitating each hack. On beginner hacks escorts will often be walking or leading nervous riders or children. If you are worried then please let us know and we will do our best to ensure you have a great experience. 

Please be aware: We do our upmost to ensure your safety and enjoyment. However, we must point out horse riding is a risk sport. Like all risk sports it is important to work with instructors.


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