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DIY Livery 


Basic cost is £20 per week, this covers access to facilities, fields and unlimited hay.


Liveries are responsible for their own food and care costs.


Stables: Having a specific stable all the time will cost an extra £7 a week and subject to availability. We do not tolerate stables being left in a mess or haynets being left empty if they were full when liveries entered the stable. Liveries must leave all stables as they would want to find them. Penhalwyn does not mind if liveries ask to borrow some things but all items must be returned and left clean and tidy ready for use. 


Penhalwyn is the perfect livery yard for people to have their first experience of owning a horse or pony. As we are a riding school as well there is always someone on hand to ask for advice and keep an eye on things. 


Group lessons for our liveries are half price, private lessons or private schooling £27 per 45min to an hour. 


Working Livery: This is when Penhalwyn has access to the horse or pony for customers as part of the riding school team, resulting in a reduction in livery costs. However, this is only possible if the horse or pony has a suitable temperament for use and terms must be discussed with Vaughan Bennett (proprietor). 

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